Our Story

Resource planning for a barbers can be a challenge. Knowing what days are busy and having the right team in place is often more guesswork and less actual historical data.

But planning is important. Your clients want a short wait and your team want busy chairs. Getting it right can be a challenge, but up until now, solutions were hard to implement complicated and and crazy expensive to run,

Introducing BarberSmart – The Worlds easiest to use Barber staff allocation software.

 Barber smart has everything needed to make business decisions with real time analysis. No more guessing if your shop will be busy or not, get to know your trends and your clients. Stop paying for staff that you don’t need and make sure you are fully staffed during peaks times and special events.

After 30 years in the trade, working in multiple countries and various shops, BarberSmart Founder Steve Howe realised that the challenge for Shop owners could be  solved with the use of Big Data, but realised that to make it work, to make owners and their teams actually use the system, it had to be very smart and very, very easy to use.

BarberSmart will save you thousands of pounds every year by giving you the knowledge you need to plan ahead, allocate your staff resource and give your customers the best experience possible, low wait times and a knowledgeable, trustworthy staff. Because as well as staff resourcing, BarberSmart keeps a detailed record of your customers needs. Sure it only takes a couple of minutes to find out exactly what they want, but those minutes add up and as they say, time is money. 

Here’s what you get with BarberSmart:

> Resource Planning –  BarberSmart gives you historical data. It builds a picture of the busy times and downtimes at your shop, so you can plan your staff shifts well in advance.

> Client care – It keeps a detailed record of the haircut your clients want, saving your staff time, which means they’ll be cutting more hair on busy days. Cash for them, Cash for you

> Client individual data – BarberSmart also comes with a purpose built record system making sure you can attend to your clients every need. Slightly shorter than last time? Longer than before or even when they say ‘’Oh you know short…’’ Now you can keep track of these cuts and fine tune them to suit all your clients.

> Scheduling –  when a client gets a haircut BarberSmart will remember the date, time, and duration of the cut.  It hands you the most accurate and detailed statistics to manage your Barbershop , showing you just how your shop progresses throughout the years. How many clients you have, your return rate and of course when you are busy and when you are not.

> CRM – It gives you a simple, fast way to connect with your clients. Quiet day ahead? send out a special offer and get those seats filled.

 We have developed this unique software to provide you with the latest trends within your shop and the ability to contact your clients and remind them of anything you choose. A haircut reminder, special offer, new product in stock, anything.

It’s a competitive business, with Barber shops opening up everywhere you can’t afford to lose clients by being too busy or not remembering the haircut they had last time. Now, even if it wasn’t you that did the haircut you’ll know exactly what your client is looking for.

Aimed at walk in Barber shops this system can give back a sense of predictability knowing what’s round the corner, peace of mind that every client gets the best service and the perfect haircut, the one they really want!

Attention all ‘Walk-in’ Barbers.

BarberSmart is here!

It’s a brand new way to keep a track on every single client you have. Its Client management for a business that wants to grow fast. 

BarberSmart gives you complete control over your clients preferences. Building up a complete record of your customers haircuts over time, this means that whenever they pop in and whoever stands behind them to take care of the cut, they get exactly what they are looking for, every time. 

They get a faster service and exactly the cut and style they want, while you save money because your team will know what to do with minimal consultation. 

For you as the Manager or owner, Knowing how many haircuts the shop is doing, day by day, Barber by Barber helps you build up a picture that allows you to plan, to the day, your staffing resources, and you already know, that level of planning results in increased profit, money in the bank.

All these things were impossible to know in a walk-in shop…until now.

I’m Steve Howe, Founder of BarberSmart

I built BarberSmart from the ground up for my own use, to help me build four successful barber shops, here in the UK and in Australia. BarberSmart works worldwide, it’s easy to use, fast to respond and gives your team and you the power to save time and money on every single client who walks through the door.

Everything is online, on your own account, and the whole things costs less than the price of a haircut ‘ave’.

Interested in taking a look?

What is BarberSmart? 

BarberSmart is a new type of software that brings walk-in Barbershops into the 21st century and able to complete in today’s modern market. 

Too many questions!

It all started with me asking questions about my growing business. 

How many customers do I have?

What age group are my customers in?

What do my weekly and monthly statistics look like?

What area should I advertise to next? 

Did the advertising work?

These and lots more can be answered with the use of BarberSmart. 

Just a few simple details entered when a client comes into the shop and BarberSmart can deliver some very interesting facts to help you in the right direction with your business.

Just enter your clients name… The description of their haircut… and select from the dropdown menu what age group they’re in.

It’s nice to know exactly what a client had the last time they came in, especially if they want it again, and if not editing the haircut is just as easy

Sign up now for a free months trial and see how your business works.

Just look at the statistics you can get from BarberSmart!


New clients.

Weekly graphs.

Monthly & Years graphs

Even a predictive chart for you to see what your next few weeks could look like. (This is based on regular clients and the days between their cuts to give an estimated prediction) 

Absolute control of your business, staff and clients history all for only £10 per month