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Welcome to BarberSmart.
After opening an account BarberSmart will send you confirmation of your login details. You’ll have 30 days to try out the software, enter your clients details when they come in for a haircut and view the reports.
Once your free trial is up you can continue using BarberSmart by subscribing to the software for $15 US Dollars, £10, €15 per month. You can add as many barbers as you need and as many clients as you can, there are no limits within BarberSmarts software. The more data you enter the more information you’ll receive from the reports about your business.
Your business is important, your staff, your clients and your time so let us help you control what’s going on. As more Barbershops start to use BarberSmart we will look to expand out services to make your life in the business lane easier to manage, you’ll be able to download monthly reports, get to know your clients better & were open to suggestions, you just have to let us know what works for you and we’ll do the rest.

Building BarberSmart has been an ambition of mine for over 10 years, I want to make sure other shop owners have the information I struggled to find for so long.

Theres software for every business to track and offer a better service to their clients but not ours, and most salon software costs way to much for a small barber shop to even think about.
Only in the last few years has appointment based software come along for barber shops. It’s about time the Traditional Barber Shop should be able to compete offering more to their clients. BarberSmart helps you to stand out from the rest and know your clients will always get the best service with you.

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