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Every company uses Data & Stats to understand their business. Now it's time for Barbers to do the same.

Record accurate details on every client's haircut. Removing all guesswork makes it perfect for every Barber, Every client, every time.

Watch your business grow with real-time reporting to compliment and shape your business plan.

Designed by Barbers for Barbers. Keeping it simple, keeping you working.

No mistakes, always accurate. Your clients will talk about their excellent experience with you and grow your client base for you.

A little about us

Being a long-time barber myself, I built this site so I could answer the questions I had about my business. Putting into perspective, my return rates, breakdowns of total customers per day/week/month/year and their individual demographics.

Free for every Barber

A google spreadsheet simply wasn’t enough, hence the official website.

Eventually, after getting customers comfortable with the new concept, and creating their haircut profile, I started seeing some good results, the return rates reassured me my business was on the right track, knowing what demographics I was hitting enabled me to tune my advertising to where it was needed. BarberSmart showed me what my business was doing 6-12 months ago and the effects of staff and how each member was performing. Without it, I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to open my second shop and continue with my business plan.

BarberSmart software is FREE for all Barbers so open your account today.

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